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Prescription drugs are intended to be used for legitimate reasons to treat a variety of medical problems. However, prescription drug abuse and addiction is on the rise. Many people intentionally begin using these drugs to get a high, though some accidentally become addicted when using them for a legitimate medical purpose.

It is becoming easier for individuals to access prescription drugs. They are currently the second most common drug that is illegally abused in the United States. In this country, over six million people currently have a problem with prescription drug abuse. There are many addiction treatment programs available to help individuals in this situation.

Because there are a wide variety of prescription drugs being abused today, the symptoms and signs vary. However, some of the most common symptoms of abuse are anxiety, paranoia, slowed breathing, dizziness, vomiting, fever, sweating, fatigue, euphoria, and inability to concentrate. If these signs are recognized in a loved one who is suspected of prescription drug abuse, it may be a good idea to present the option of a drug treatment program or rehab facility to them.

Side effects of prescription drug abuse can be very dangerous. It’s important to always take them according to a doctor’s advice and seek addiction treatment when needed. Some of these effects include relationship changes, addiction, heart problems, coma, weight change, tremors, lowered self-esteem, decrease in brain function, and death, among others.

When people are addicted to a prescription drug, they often try to stop taking it on their own. This can be extremely dangerous. Detox or withdrawal should always be done with medical supervision, preferably in a treatment facility. Some symptoms of detox from these drugs can be vomiting, quick mood changes, chills, physical pain, anxiety, sweating, elevated blood pressure, and even seizures and death. A rehab facility or treatment center can make the detox process as safe and smooth as possible.

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