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Individuals who have a drug addiction or alcoholism problem usually live with these issues on some level for the rest of their lives. At some point, the majority of addicts do experience a relapse. It’s important to not let the addiction completely take over one’s life again, though. Recovering from a relapse as soon as possible will make the process much easier.

Many addicts find that they need to go through addiction treatment multiple times. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the first rehab didn’t work. Research has shown that treatment can have a cumulative effect. That is, the first treatment program may help a little, the second one might be much more effective, and the third stay in rehab facilitates long-term addiction recovery. There is no magic number for addiction treatment. Some people only go once and never return to drug and alcohol addiction. Others need multiple rounds, but there is certainly always hope.

There are some things to think about when it seems that rehabilitation didn’t work. The addict should consider whether there seemed to be something missing from the first rehab center that can be found in another one. If there is someone in the individual’s life who displays enabling or codependent behaviors, they could be sabotaging the addict’s recovery. This is probably unintentional, but it’s an important issue that may need to be dealt with.

Another consideration is how well the person kept up with their addiction recovery plan. What have they done since leaving addiction treatment to be successful? For example, after leaving rehab it’s generally a good idea to attend support group meetings regularly and continue seeing a counselor or communicating with someone from the rehab facility. Failing to do keep up a recovery program even after leaving the treatment center makes relapse more likely.

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