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One of the causes for the recent dramatic increase in cases of prescription drug addiction is that the drugs are relatively easy to access. Obtaining illegal drugs can be a dangerous venture. It is usually necessary to know the right people, venture into bad neighborhoods, and risk getting caught and arrested in order to get illegal drugs like marijuana, meth, heroin, and cocaine. Individuals who wouldn’t normally do this are more likely to get involved in prescription drug abuse. Teenagers, middle class suburban adults, and the elderly can access prescription drugs.

Doctors sometimes contribute to the growing trend of this form of substance abuse, either intentionally or not. Patients may visit several doctors on a monthly basis and get a prescription for the same medication from each one, and then fill those orders at separate pharmacies. There have also been cases of immoral doctors and pharmacists selling prescription drugs to people who have an addiction and making large profits.

Teenagers are especially likely to get the drugs from family and friends. They may be able to steal unused prescription medications from their own medicine cabinet at home without anyone noticing, and this can lead to a habit of drug abuse or addiction. Sometimes people get prescriptions and willingly hand them over or sell them to family members and friends with an addiction.

Forged prescriptions are another way that individuals get hold of these drugs. There are also online pharmacies that will illegally sell medications to virtually anyone who visits their website and places an order. A more risky way to obtain prescription drugs is by stealing from a hospital or pharmacy, but it may be relatively easy for someone with an addiction who works at one of these places.

The ease of obtaining these medications is a leading cause in prescription drug addiction.

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