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Many people first start using prescription drugs because they think they will be able to fit in more effectively, lose weight or they think that the prescription drug will help their mental functioning to improve. People suffer from prescription drug abuse because usually, it’s a lot easier to get prescription drugs than it is to get things like marijuana, say, from a family member of a friend, but sometimes prescription drugs are sold on the street.

Although prescription drugs are meant to be used to alleviate the symptoms of a disease, many people have begun to suffer from prescription drug abuse, such as oxycontin, Ritalin or other drugs. Prescription drug abuse with these drugs can have harmful effects.

Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so it’s possible to have an allergic reaction from prescription drug abuse. After all, a prescription means that that drug is prescribed by a doctor for a particular person based on that person’s height, weight and body chemistry. Some people think that prescription drugs are more potent because they require a prescription from a licensed doctor to get them, but this isn’t the case. It’s just as easy to abuse over-the-counter drugs as it is to suffer from prescription drug abuse
Prescription drugs abuse can be dangerousover short and long terms.

Someone who suffers from prescription drug abuse can get several types of addiction treatment – it depends on the individual needs and what kind of drug is used. Usually the two types are behavioral treatment and pharmacological treatment.
Behavioral treatments mainly deal with the psychological aspects, teaching people who to function without the drug by coping with cravings, avoiding situations and people that could trigger cravings and dealing with relapses. The phsyical treatments for prescription drug abuse are used when patients are given a medicine to counteract the chemicals from the prescription substance abuse.

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