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Drug abuse and drug addiction have very potent effects on the human brain and indeed, that’s the reason why these substances are so addictive to people. The euphoric feeling that drugs produce on the brain tends to make the brain ask for more.

This demand for more of the drug once the brain has got a taste of it is governed by a neurotransmitter in the top region of the brain, known as dopamine.But once the drug enters into the human brain, it can cause severe unalterable effects. Some drugs, notably heroin, will dupe the brain into thinking that it is a neurotransmitter also and that is the reason it governs the impulses that the brain gives out. People who feel their brains going numb or blacked out because of a heroin addiction are doing so because heroin exercises its control over the brain. A drug like methamphetamine acts in a similar fashion – it stimulates the brain to release more neurotransmitters than necessary, the reason responsible for the uncharacteristic pleasure high that methamphetamine addicted people experience.

The brain increasingly becomes a slave of the drug as time passes on. This is a classic biological irony. The brain gets the pleasure from the drugs and hence it seeks more drugs to get more of the pleasure. People who work with drug rehab realize that this chain is the most difficult to break in a drug addiction. But, as the brain becomes more and more immune, there is every chance that an overdose can occur. This is what is infamously called as a drug overdose, which is oftentimes fatal.

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