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Since the last ten years, New York has been trying to rid itself of its methamphetamine problem to no avail. Though the initial influxes of the drug were controlled, criminals and crooks devised more methods to bring in this lethal substance into the state and today it is so deeply enmeshed in the undercurrents of the state that it is very difficult to just wish it away. Statistics on drug addiction in New York will have you know that methamphetamine is a much lesser scare in New York than cocaine, heroin and marijuana are, but if you compare the trends over the past few years, you will see that the number of people who are using methamphetamine in New York and also the people who are entering meth rehab in New York are steadily increasing. To add to the gravity of the situation, the number of clandestinely operated meth labs in the state have gradually increased over the years. These are now making not just the crude methamphetamine, but also the purer version known as crystal meth, which is quite popular as ice in the teenybopper circuit.

The devastation that meth and crystal meth can cause in youth is indescribable. These people are the primary targets of the drug, because it is mostly supplies in the party circuits of the state. Because methamphetamine strikes younger people, there are more chances of it remaining a highly addictive drug that cannot be treated quite easily.

If you know someone in New York who has symptoms of meth addiction, you must take it upon yourself to inform them and get them into rehab. There are several intervention programs in New York that can help you with this.

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