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Since the outpatient treatment program is always a mild treatment program, you cannot expect that it will have all the benefits and features that complete addiction recovery requires.In many ways, an outpatient treatment program is incomplete and the state of South Dakota very well accepts and acknowledges the fact. That is why there is strong emphasis on joining alcohol rehab or drug rehab in South Dakota instead of a simple outpatient program. Let us see what the outpatient addiction treatment program of South Dakota does not contain in comparison with its inpatient treatment program, better known as rehab.

1. The outpatient treatment program will not have a detox program of its own. Since the program is more about counseling and addiction awareness, biological approaches are not much emphasized upon. However, if you are in a serious addiction, then the outpatient program will refer you to a drug or alcohol rehab in South Dakota.
2. You will probably have to use an outpatient detox program too. Some of these programs will refer you to another detox center, but most of them will provide you with medication that will help you in facing the withdrawal symptoms as you obtain. You will need to self-administer these medicines at home.
3. You will also have to monitor yourself. Since you are in outpatient, a lot depends on your own honesty about keeping away from the addiction. They will monitor you when you turn up for the counseling sessions, but you will have to work up the resilience within yourself to keep away from the addictive substance.

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