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Georgia has several kinds of programs for addiction treatment, and among the variety that it has, qualified and unqualified programs are also included. While most people do not pay much attention to this aspect, knowledge of which programs are qualified and which are not will make a huge difference to your overall addiction treatment.

What’s a qualified program? A qualified program is one that is certified by the national organizations of drug and alcohol addiction to be authentic. There are three main bodies in America that decide the veracity of programs on a national level. These are the National Clearinghouse, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the National Institute on Drug Abuse. If you take a look at their websites, you will find out about these qualified programs. Also, to check out for state requirements of Georgia, you can visit the substance abuse in Georgia section of the state health website.

Why must you choose only a qualified program? When you choose a qualified addiction treatment program in Georgia, you are assured that the treatment you will get will be on par with national standards. These are tried, tested and approved methods of treatment. So they will also be safe for you. Moreover, you do not get coverage for addiction treatment in Georgia if you do not get treatment from a qualified program. Insurance carriers consider unqualified programs as high risk programs and are quite reluctant to provide cover for them. So if you are with an unqualified program, you will need to shell out your own money and you will also have no guarantee of the treatment.

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