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If you are apprehended and convicted for driving under influence or any drug related crime in the state of North Carolina, you are provided two options. You can either serve a sentence in prison or you can enter into a rehabilitation program in North Carolina for some period of time. Sometimes, you will need to do both. This kind of choice is making more people to prefer the treatment rather than the imprisonment. You may think this choice is partial towards the people who have committed the crimes. But then, you need to see the facts in a different light.

Think of it this way – what would happen if a person convicted of an alcohol or drug related crime would be merely imprisoned? They would serve the prison sentence and then be out after their tenure in jail would be over. Would they then abstain from the addiction? That’s highly unlikely. They will not be able to wait to get their hands on the substance of their addiction as soon as they are out from prison. This would lead them to get into the addiction again, probably commit a crime again and get arrested again. Now how does that serve society at large? What we really need is to break the crime, not the criminal.

That is what the addiction treatment program in North Carolina knows perfectly well. These people are put into drug and alcohol treatment so that they can learn how to fight their addictions and come out of them.

Substance abuse resources in North Carolina proudly state that 95% of the convicted people who attend such drug and alcohol schools do not revert to crime in the first year, and 91% do not revert to crime in the second year too. This certainly shows how effective drugs courts are in North Carolina.

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