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Individual counseling sessions are one of the cornerstones of drug and alcohol rehab centers. This is where many addicts receive the most benefits and insight during their time there.

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One of the common traps that patients fall into in addiction treatment programs is sabotaging their own success. At some point, you have to begin to believe that you deserve a better life in order for rehab to work.

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We are not interested in selling you a quick fix. Addiction can’t be defeated through tricks and salesmanship. We offer a treatment center where addiction and drug abuse are treated seriously and addressed as the serious problems they are. Beyond treatment comes the recovery. After those two then comes the final stage of rehabilitation. We […]

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The first step of alcohol detox is removing the addictive substances from the body. This is often referred to as medical detox, and it must take place before further work can be done. When alcohol remains in an addict’s body, the cravings are more severe they are unable to focus on other aspects of […]

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