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As in most other parts of the United States, methamphetamine has become a significant problem in the state of Arkansas too. What’s amazing is that this kind of addiction has risen on the scene of substance abuse in Arkansas in less than ten years.

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Most people think that methamphetamine is a safer drug that can be used for recreational purposes without causing as much harm as heroin and cocaine can produce. In fact, this is what you will hear a lot if you are at a party where methamphetamine is being sneakily distributed.

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Methamphetamine has recently come up to be a very big player in the substance abuse market. Gone are the days when heroin and cannabis and other substances made up for a major chunk of the substances used during rave and other drug induced parties.

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Though methamphetamine addiction is spread throughout all areas of the United States, it is the biggest problem in the Midwest, with adults in the 18-25 age group being the predominant users of the substance.  Nearly 90% of all the drug cases in the Midwest are methamphetamine related, and it has surpassed cocaine as the preferred […]

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