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If you are apprehended and convicted for driving under influence or any drug related crime in the state of North Carolina, you are provided two options.

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Georgia has several kinds of programs for addiction treatment, and among the variety that it has, qualified and unqualified programs are also included.

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Most people think that methamphetamine is a safer drug that can be used for recreational purposes without causing as much harm as heroin and cocaine can produce. In fact, this is what you will hear a lot if you are at a party where methamphetamine is being sneakily distributed.

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First of all, let’s see what drug abuse intervention means. The simple meaning of drug abuse intervention means to constructively participate in the treatment of a drug addict by morally encouraging them to sign up for the treatment and to continue it till they are fully recovered. You can intervene in someone’s treatment on your […]

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Drug use is one of the major factors in the spread of HIV. Users often share equipment like needles and used needles can carry HIV and hepatitis. Drug abuse often also leads to unsafe sexual practices contributing to the dangers of HIV as well.

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To beat drug abuse, short-term solutions are not the most successful. It is important to think about making lifetime changes. Some may be habits and others may be ways of thinking — but all have a great affect on changing your life.

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We never make a conscience effort to become an alcoholic or drug addict. It is something that happens when we decide to use the substance to overcome a problem. During the time we are under the influence the problem only gets worse.

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Many people first experiment with prescription drugs because they think they will be able to fit in more effectively, lose weight or they think that the prescription drug will help their mental functioning to improve. Also, it’s usually easier to acquire prescription drugs than it is to get other, more illegal drugs, from a family […]

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For a long time, addiction treatment professionals believed that mental illnesses like depression and anxiety were always caused by the drug or alcohol abuse. It seems to make sense that a lifestyle which revolves around substance addiction would cause a person to become anxious or depressed.

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Habits are the actions that make up much of our lives. They are the behaviors that we repeat so often that we don’t need to consciously think about them anymore. A habit can be a very good thing or a devastatingly bad one. Drinking eight glasses of water each day and brushing one’s teeth are […]

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